Marc R. Johnson

Content Marketing | Strategic Planning


Socially Conscious Organizations

I am interested in working with organizations dedicated to making the world a better place including health care, nonprofit, education, NGOs, and others dedicated to social justice


Direction | Scripting | Editing

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Ad Campaigns

Development | Content | Deployment

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Planning | Development | Content

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Strategic Planning

Missions | Goals |  Priorities

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Content Marketing

Social | Blog | Storytelling

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Marketing | Messaging | Communications

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More than a decade developing

Recognized by industry professionals

Below are a few pieces that have garnered the most recognition.

Health Care | Nonprofit | Education

While I’ve worked with companies in nearly every field under the sun, there are some things I’m particularly good at.

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The Big Picture

Varied experience in user experience (UX), design, and content marketing informs my ability to consider every touchpoint of a customer’s journey.

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